Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

*source -, shot by: Max Vadukul

Chris Cornell batu-batu!

Why didnt I discover his shit earlier on. Better start looking for Soundgarden and his other stuff. Awesome shiatsu! Dee's suggestion of listening to Flunk shall be put aside for a moment. Im just enjoying Cornell's songs now. "Morning Euphoria", although an old work of his (99 if not mistaken) is now my caffeine at work and also my lullaby that sleeps me off during these pimple-popping hot nights.

I went "WTF" when I saw this.

*picture - ONTD

Then I went "Oh, Wahlberg...lucky bastard" Haha.

*picture - ONTD

Some people have the luxury of having time for gym + proper food intake (us Malaysians susah wei) and also cash for supplements...aih... Then again his biceps are ok's kinda weird too actually to have that *though im still freshly green with envy* Nevermind.

Acne You Fckrs,

Sunday, June 24, 2007

*with bigtime liar and gedik dancer, last week (above) and two years ago (below)
Last week me and Nas went to pick up Dee after her modelling gig and head down to Strawberry Fields as us three eating pigs were bored had no where else to go. Then me called up Afik gedik to join since he's in town. We talked, make noises and camwhored with Nas' new 10 megapixels camera (damn you).
Looking back at the screen of some pictures reminded me of the old shots of me Nas and Afik two years ago.
Comparing the old and the new...I smiled ear to ear.
Seeing is believing they said. Words I cant really trust. Im always stuck on that particular plateau in my mind. Reflections I see on mirrors are always the same. No diff.

I now believe. Fo shizzle.

Friday, June 22, 2007