Monday, June 16, 2008

Ill sneak my fashion writer's collection of cds for my eye feasting session soon.

I like his look. I want to steal the look.

Expensive Edge

lighting + props + outfit + model's colourful skin = awesomeness. i dig this

Loose Vagina Collar

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Im not going to sprinkle colorful sprinklets and decorate my words with sugary icing and fattening cream thsi time around. I closed July's today, thank god.

And my mail was bombarded with August's, right after my short lunch.

I refused to start anything... yet. Im mentally drained. "I refuse. I refuse..." I told myself. Tomorrow, I will start executing those. And this is not procrastinating. It's called breathing and air-gathering.

I froze my gym membership last month to give more time for work. And these coming months will be pretty hectic. I dont need a glass ball and go all witchery & wizardry to foresee that.


I went to PushMore (at last) with Kenneth and his intern Ben. It was close to heaven (heh?) I can just cancel my gym account after the test run. I want moar!I strategized gungho-ly yesterday night. How in the world can I fit that into my hectic and crazy work schedule (if I were to enrol myself in it.) And who shall I drag to be my kaki? How shall I go there when someone else is using the family car? Is it possible to be back to work after a session? Will I faint like last time from lack of energy and working out too much? Bla bla bla. I went nuts, and slept it off.I came back to the office today realizing that my colleague (the other designer, is away for two weeks). Ah, ok. Double the work (Im not being sarcastic, Im more of "bring it on y'all". My job rocks... Im fine with that.I guess the thought of going to Pushmore during the day + the adrenaline rush of finishing my final fashion page made me forgot.

How la?


I told myself, long long loooong time ago to not whine and bitch about anything, hence the closing of the bimbo-esque "today I this and that" blog I used to have. But this I just had to write. I think I feel better.

For this free Saturday, Im planning to see a Capoeira thing/gathering with Johan and his friend and I might drag him to see Pushmore, and get more info on fees and stuff. This depends on my chat session later on with the Djoeboy.


(i re-read what i wrote. i whine like a bitch with bad essay structure and bad grammar. mary, you can stop calling me Ibbi and call me Ibbitch instead. heh)