Wednesday, September 12, 2007

its pretty scary to experience:

sudden chest pain, continuing all week long
- thankfully was just a sign of panic attack, which i suffered since the very beginning of my settlement here. and it got worse when all seniors went outstation for assignments, leaving the juniors like cacing kepanasan (me especially, others seem pretty calm attending events and typing stuff - writers, you know)
headaches that felt like some tentacles trying to grip your head
*based on my quick google research la...

feeling of small ball stuck in your throat
- strepsils and non icy drinks

inconsistent temperature of the body
- nonstop water flow + barley

headache and fever
- well theres only one quick and hassle free solution : panadol. done.

i feel weak not doing any physical activities. i dont have the time, and its not an excuse, its reality. realitys a bitch. or maybe im still not able to plan my time well with this new roller-coaster schedule of mine.

im feeling some muscle loss and decreasing level metabolism. im pretty sure its true, not just some psychological effects of a sudden withdrawal from fitness. what made matters worse, i broke the ultimate rule in healthy eating: late night having stuff like burger tepi jalan (yum yum by the way, paramount 7/11), leftover birthday cake (cheese furthermore, oh damn), cookies and anything my eyes set foot on. ah well. i basically sleep away the worries away.

tomorrow the fasting period starts and im pretty excited, not just on fighting temptations, but having those peaceful and calm moments which i normally felt every Ramadhan.

I hope whatever anger in me will slowly be gone by the end of next month, and hopefully some flabs as well :P

till next bebel post,