Friday, November 30, 2007

Despite the storm outside...

...I am in a way a chirpy bird, post the friday prayers. Ive made some nice discoveries today.

- I got myself a new love named Iko. Unlike other cheap whores out there, you give me pleasure and you dont harm me (oh screw that guilt, Im going to enjoy myself with you everyday... well not everyday... (then you might bore me to death and Ill ignore you)
- I have come to several conclusions on some things (among them - stylists DO really know what people should wear)
- I just realized my bitching buddy from TOA (now a fiery redheaded woman) actually works in the opposite building (WOOT WOOT! No more lame lunches... and yeah, setting a date and time to meet will not be a hassle, at all. Woohoo)

- I started to feel sleepy after lunch... (NOT GOOD! My first here! Something is wrong!) But a 5 minute nap did me some good... kekeke

Prior to that I still am unsure whether I should stay in or move out... thats a tricky thing to decide. Plateau! I hate it! I hate depleting progress... Need new grounds! Or not... oh well, need more researches...

And for fcuk's sake, here's a picture (yeah I like to post up pictures... its my drug aite, very healthy) A not-trashy-looking sienna miller. Its hard to find her looking good with her blonde mane. Most of the picture I source (for work) on her are edgy looking (drawing into thrashy, mostly).

*source - ontd, as usual (gotta find some other place to dig for nice pictures)

*Iko is a brand of cookie btw. Fucking awesome

Thursday, November 29, 2007

While I scream an inaudible "argh" to an empty head...

*source - boingboing
... this at least got my mind occupied. And that kinda made me happy, for a sec. Oh well, how weird can I be wanting to be piled with skill-required tasks instead of whining not getting any... of those... and "that"... haha.

Monday, November 26, 2007

*source - ontd
Yeah, it's hot.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

i spill colours all night...

...on photos i spontaneously shot at EH!' 20 Yang Anggun party yesterday night. stay tuned. coming soon the neglected flickr. (my skills are getting dusty. damn.)

edit: flickr updated

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bravo to Bravotv for scoring a deal to feature the modern fashion icon, SJP on Project Runway. I had a huge shock to see her in that scene after Tim Gunn welcomed the mysterious guest. Wow. Im not a fan of hers, but that was huge. Kind of a letdown to know that she was only there to get the designers to create a look for her Bitten's fall (or was it a/w) collection. But still.

On another note, I applaud Conde Nest Media Group for having the Point of Passion campaign. Its bloody awesome, the campaign. The copies merged well with the pictures. The pictures were shot perfectly (albeit the digital make-up aid) and everything ties strongly... I had an orgasm seeing the whole campaign on the website. Here's some, screencapped straight from their site, :

Am stressed out... the fact that a normal, flat workout bench can cost up to nearly 300 ringgit...a normal FLAT bench. There was an adjustable bench, which allows itself to be transformed into decline, incline and flat with weight stacks below it and that cost 290. Pretty obvious of which is a better pick right? Shall I re-join the gym back, or shall I just get a bench? Ive listeed down pros and cons of working out at home vs at the gym and the result didnt help much. Haha. I might get the bench AND re-join the gym altogether! Im also thinking of giving this particular center to purchase those kettlebells (after discovering that its the only place to get those, in Malaysia).

These are just thoughts of mine. I am psychologically disturbed and miserable due to my lack of workout doses. I am serious about the bench, however am still not sure about them kettlebells. Pretty expensive y'all. Even the lightest.

Friday, November 23, 2007

They did it again!

*source - justjared
Caroline Trentini, Angie Harmon and some dude
Again, they came up with another set of intimate potraits. Im happy to see more colors this time around. Such a happy feel. A little bit of Paul Smith (those colorful stripes), no? Gap campaign rocks!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I cant imagine living with a bitch.

Enjoying my Mexican morning walk while listening to Mark Ronson's "stop me" got me wondering... what a fantastic song to be used for a rhumba routine! I can already imagine a fast rhumba, with a story relating the lyric of the song. Fast footworks and twists, ah, if only... a passionately dramatic dance is always nice to watch.

Daniel Merriweather is an Australian caucasian. I like the combination of his voice wuth Ronson's einsteinic musical mix. A lil bit of electro+disco+orchestra-like sounds. Another remake of old songs (the smiths and supremes a little, if not mistaken) which i truly dig.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Haute eh? Hehe. DO grab a copy of this. Its not easy to get and see lelaki ini to look this edgy... only GLAM Lelaki can! Furthermore its only twice a year... get it now before it goes into extinction... or else pray that time passes by real fast and get the second issue somewhere around March. Aight? Enjoy.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gotta Love Remakes

Here's one. Just realized that the black and white version of Jude Law reminded me of a Micheal Caine's picture that I snapped from GQ's site. Turns out that picture of Micheal Caine was used for Arena too, and David Bailey the photographer re-created the shot again, using the modern day dandy, fashion savvy playbo Alfie, which Caine portrayed back then. It would be nice to see Jude having a pair of modern day black rimmed glasses but oh well, a black and white is already enough to make me adore it.

*source - + office's scanner

*source - justjared

This remake, which had Tyra on Swimsuit Illustrated had a a ten years gap. It was done to sort of commemorate the black month history by Tyra herself, since she was the first african american to make it to the cover for this magazine (and also GQ if im not mistaken). Thats kinda huge especially for her. But more than that I think it was just Tyra trying to add some spice for her talkshow (in hopes to get a higher rating), and its pretty much of a syok-sendiri thing, since it was only a fake one. But she did however call back the original photographer to re-shoot... but Im not liking it much due to the amount of airbrushing done on the latter one. Obvious isn't? 10 years ago, it wouldnt look anything close to that... she should've let the editing team go on a vacation than abusing the mouse to doll her up and left the photo un-airbrushed.


I missed the "recap" (The 50 Most Stylish Men of The Past 50 Years) issue and sure as hell not gonna miss this one. Been collecting this very issue since two years ago... or three... cant remember... what the hey, cant let time constraints stop me from visiting my candy shop aka book store (seriously I like the view of books and mags, though I dont really read book that much nowadays). Oh GQ, I cant wait to snap you nicely off the rack and get you to be in my possession. Design-wise, Im ticking this as one of the best source of inspiration (hello, how can messy still be clean and neat? But then again its getting more and more orderly and sometimes calming and zen-like IMO, which is good for me... and with the growing usage of colours, its truly something I go for when Im bored/out of ideas, which is kinda often nowadays...and thats not good in my line of making my wallet stuffed). Ok Im just hyped out... its just a magazine.

Do watch out for the December issue of GLAM issue though, I am admiring the cover more and more! Its kinda pop art edgy, well, luxurios edgy chic, no, glam rebel edgy... ah, you decide when it finally hit the newstands/racks. As usual the photography of Bustamam blended with a spoonful of creative spices from Mr Wei Chun never fail to impress me. Watch out fot the cover spread. Its the bomb x 20, I tell you. Eye-orgasmic. Im hyped for it!

Yeah that too, is a DIE DIE MUST BUY issue.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

before the launch...

a house turned into a fashion show backstage, sorta...

Its Sunday. I woke up today feeling super fresh, I dont know why.

Im in the office right now finishing a little bit more of work before I make my way to The Curve/Ikano/Ikea. The flat workout bench that ive been eyeing on, I might buy today, but that depends on my trip to the hardware store opposite Starbucks. The search of getting some light equipments is still on, so if its cheaper there I might just get it straight.

Anywho, its nice to feel energised, despite the lack of proper nutrition and exercise for several weeks (late night supper and all, urgh). Will post some pictures up soon. Kinda lost my touch with the olympus point and shoot ive been using all these while. shouldve borrowed the dslr to the event.


Saturday, November 17, 2007


*source -

Thursday, November 15, 2007

For the 3711808th time, let me say this - I f*king hate shopping. I hate dress codes... or a vague one... thats worse.

My friend suffered a bad cardio exercise at the mall while I dragged him from one side of the mall to the other repeatedly... and he might also suffer loss of hearing due to my ridiculous screaming and whining and bebel-ing on the way back.

You still owe me a meal Nasrul, consisting of caramel frappucino + food.

What I had in mind was this:


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

*From White Studio - Behind the scene of the fashion spread shoot + preparation for the cover shoot of the up and coming GLAM Lelaki, a Malay men's magazine, targetted to dudes who's already or on their way to become a hip and smart metrosexual.

*I dig these, but with all my walking around, I bet its not worth my cash. Its too luxurious. But it would be nice to fit my elephant-sized feet in that... aside it being a branded item (not that i am THAT materialistic) I kinda liked the texture and London-esque look of it... its something like brit rock subtle glam...

*source - ONTD

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Sunday, November 04, 2007

I wanna be a rockstar, sometimes...

never fails to keep my head light and make my face smile, this video. simple lyrics and simple music, its kind of relaxing, this song.