Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Another one...

From Facehunter. Me like.

Current Read

Thanks to Beauty and The Geek for inspiring me to pick this up. Yeah, TV does some good to my life.

Im into these two looks! Albeit the unsuitable weather that might make me look stupid wearing these pieces (unless its rainy days all year long - causing cool breeze) I'll definitely make these two combos part of wardrobe. Yea, I live in an oven. Nuff said.
I admired how two loose items can harmonise so well without looking like the person got stuck in a pile of clothes borrowed from a sumo wrestler (who has great taste for fashion). The woody color scheme is always a favourite of mine so 'woohoo!' to that. I feel that a strong crisp and sharp silhouette for the top part is required to make the whole look work. Or vice versa.
White lining (or pipings they call it, I think) is always a nice thing. I am inspired by cartoons sometimes, having that 'outline' to create a more solid image. I would lose the pants though. I prefer to have the hem touching at least part of the shoes. Just me.
If only I have the skills of clothes making, I would reward myself a pair of pants similar to the first picture, all made by myself.
source: schumann's, where else??

Funny Fey and the Rest

Love these ladies (Sykes' Oracle for the Matrix spoof still lingers)... I dig the pop culture mockery... awesome!
*source: ONTD,

Saturday, March 01, 2008

So I have not been kepoh-ing here... apparently the avalanche of work that I saw in my glassball few months ago basically came and hit me, badly. But this time around, Im slightly more comfortable with it, so its alright.

Anyhoo, I wanted to post on lots of stuff, mostly posting pictures (not the one I shot, haha) but yeah, either the thoughts were gone before I hit or Im just lazy to go online. I am getting less interested in nosing around the net. Maybe Im old, or maybe the net itself is becoming a 'passe' thing. Oh well. Will post stuff, soon...

One thing I will ponder about for now is contradiction in ads (yeay, I still remember this one!). I came across some ads. One radio ad, a psa maybe, with Rihanna being the narrator on (or on Rick Dees' slot). She talks about how to be successful in life, motivating stuff and all and the ad ended with her chorus from one of her ballad song "I dont want to do this anymore..." I found that funny. The other ad was a local TVC of Petronas... so they show what Petronas has to offer (Burger King, KFC, Dunkin Donuts, ATM, bla bla bla) and then they showed people can buy top ups credits for handphones (ooh). The funny thing was, after we were told NOT to use phones while at the gas station, the clip showed the guy smiling as if someone gave him a blowjob on the spot, talking on the phone, at a gas station... el dumbo...

Ok lame. Im going to get myself ready for work... and its Saturday morning... rainy, Saturday morning.... urgh, in this New York-ish (winter) condition, I only wish I can be at Starbucks treating myself a cappucino... or frappucino (weird how I can consume iced drinks still when its cold, even at the mamak) and read some mind boggling books.