Saturday, October 27, 2007

todays saturday and i thought aside from work i can just wake up slightly late before heading my ass off to the office. WRONG.
bla bla bla
i have been thinking of getting myself a bicycle. i think it will be a good investment considering that it does serve me with several benefits:
- i can use to work, and back, and to work and back again (at night), so i dont have to check if anyone is using the car or not.
- ill get a good short cardio at the same time to work, minus lesser time on travelling, compared to walking, which also serves as my light cardio daily.
- when im free i can just use it around the neighbourhood or to travel around sec 14, to gym etc.
emailed this guy (opstupe, from my side links) for recommendations and he kindly replied my mail with lots of suggestion, which im still thinking of. second hand or brand new? i might go for the latter thinking that i might grow a new passion out of it later (who knows) but then something else caught my attention few days ago.
on my way to work and grabbing breakfast around the jaya area, i noticed a new kickboxing center signage. badly designed (temporary i guess). they're about to open soon (maybe it already did, didnt check, was rushing) and i got exited. last time i wanted to go to tnt kickboxing baaad! but since there's one nearby, why not try? will ask for more info after im done with these two issues of magazines.
so kickboxing? bicycle? maybe both, but i SERIOUSLY need to up my financial skill. its so over the place right now. im not taking any PT sessions anymore, i think i can pretty much go on by myself (and thank god my freelance client finally transferred cash into my account, though not much) life's about to be better, i hope. im about to enter hell week and hoping that everything will go as planned
p/s: hell week actually started yesterday with me having a bad food poisoning. dammit. maybe it was the mixture of different kind of curries at the mamak, maybe it was the nonstop consumption of fruits + thick green tea during my snacking time...maybe its something else. thank god its gone now.
jib, these are for you (and for my viewing pleasure). my fave shots. you might already saw the rest of the pictures.

*source: ONTD...i think its for elle magazine


Friday, October 26, 2007

Im getting lazier to blog (duhh) and my new fetish is to just post pictures that i enjoy seeeing. i will blog occasionally, but its going to be pretty much the same. they say less is more. and repetitive whinings are so passe.

here's one for today:

rinko kukichi by jill greenberg

Monday, October 22, 2007

Just because I dont feel like writing

Beautiful people, beautiful pieces. Weed for my tired eyes.
The Favourites:
Russian angel, Natasha P - Karl Lagerfeld's ad slaves, Daria Werbowy and what's his name - Wordplayer Jason Mraz - Honey Voiced Michelle Williams - Edgy cutie Mena Suvari - Sexy welfare worker Angelina Jolie - Versatile looking male mannequin, Tyson Ballou - Awesome shiet show, Entourage (without Ari, it sucks) - Daria, again - Cool concept for a shoot on Anderson Cooper - cK campaign, I dig the collage
*cant really recall the sources but here goes: JustJared+Bellazon+jedroot+ONTD+some fashion blogs

Friday, October 19, 2007

Finally. Mission accomplished.

Ive reached 80! (80.1 to be exact)

Shall I set 78 kgs for my next goal?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I got bored (slightly) so I went around to look at some photos and came across these awesomely shot b/w.


I can wait for Raya, but I cant wait to hit the weights (and food) once again. Skytrex after few gym sessions should be fine.


Saturday, October 06, 2007

I Dig The Art Direction Of Esquire

nAs, tengok apa I jumpa time browsing my photo folders.

Gambar I dengan my maid. My maid yang terer drive around KL tu. Ingat tak dia? :P
(I hope you dah buang that benda rambut tu. Its not even close to being cool nor chic...not even indo chic)

Thursday, October 04, 2007

She's getting so Deyn cute. Edgy cute.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

picture: google images

My new fascination